abbr. intravenous.

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1. initial velocity.
IV (no periods) or I.V.,

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abbr. intravenous(ly)
n. an intravenous drip feed

they put an IV in me

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/ˌaıˈviː/ noun, pl IVs [count]
US medical : a device that is used to allow a fluid (such as blood or a liquid medication) to flow directly into a patient's veins

The nurse started an IV.

The patient was hooked up to an IV.

IV is an abbreviation of intravenous.
———————— II
adj, always used before a noun
US :intravenous

IV drug users [=people who inject themselves with illegal drugs]

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IV [IV] abbreviation, noun [ˌaɪ ˈviː] [ˌaɪ ˈviː]
noun (NAmE) = drip (3)

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